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Success stories

Oksana and Duncan

Oksana and Duncan Oksana and Duncan Oksana and Duncan Oksana and Duncan Oksana and Duncan Oksana and Duncan

My name is Oksana , I am very happy and would like to share my feelings with all the world.

Here is our happy story with my beloved man. We are just at the beginning of our journey and we are very happy together! I think it is a great luck and happiness to find your true love. And it does not matter when it happens, at what period of your life. You should have enough desire and wait until you find your happiness. But at the same time you should not just sit at one place and wait, it is very important to make efforts and search for your partner. It is perfect when you have so wonderful helpers in the name of my local agency in Mariupol and Anastasia date!!!

We first met with Duncan on the 13th of July 2013. We were both registered on the Internet dating site called AnastasiaDate. We exchanged some e-mails within the site, used the chats a lot. We spoke with each other every day and then after one month Duncan ordered a telephone conversation on the site AnastasiaDate. It was a very emotional moment. I was very nervous. But after I heard his voice, my fear vanished as if by magic. We talked a lot and I remember we laughed a lot as well! Since then Duncan and I talked for two hours and more a day!

It was clear there was a mutual attraction between us, so we decided to meet in person in autumn. In October he came to Ukraine. Duncan stayed in Mauripol for 4 days. During this time he proposed marriage. I accepted his proposal immediately because I have understood he is the man of my dreams. Duncan met my 2 daughters. They instantly liked him. We spent the evening together in a family entertainment centre followed by a walk around the town. On his arrival back to England we continued with our communication and started to plan our wedding. Many documents were exchanged via email. He had to prepare his documents in advance of his arrival, and eventually came to Donetsk on 27th of December.

The next day we came to Mauripol and into our rented 3-room apartment. All of us, Duncan, I and the girls lived there for 13 days. I will never forget these wonderful days!!! It was a very spacious, beautiful apartment, where we put our decorated Christmas tree. It was a joyous moment to put the presents which Duncan had brought with him, and also those he had sent by courier earlier under the tree. There were lots of neatly wrapped presents from him. He is such a nice man to think about the happiness of my kids. He gave them lots of nice games and logic puzzles.

On the 8th of January, at 14.00 we were married, there were all our close people at the ceremony. I felt how happy I am to have such a wonderful husband but I have this feeling of loneliness without him. The girls and I continue to talk daily via Skype with him and my youngest now calls him "Papa".

Thanks to dating site Anastasia my life is happy now. We will be managing our application visa for girls for coming to Great Britain together for living.

With best wishes, Oksana.

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