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I appreciate your answers and it helps to clarify my many questions.
Apart from this I must note that you do have a very neat site
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Pieter Viljoen, Pretoria/South Africa
March 2003

Id like to thank you for allowing me to use your service. It gave me the confidence to find someone closer to home. Ive passed on your tour video to friends who might be interested. My one regret is that I didnt have a chance to try one of your tours. The sound like immense fun.

Again, thank you.

Stephen MacQueen, Canada
March 2004

Fiancée Visa Package

    Obtaining an entry visa for an Alien Fiancée (K1)

  • K-1 Fiancee Visa be together an American Citizen: This visa is issued to those aliens (immigrants/foreigners) who are outside the United States and wish to enter the US for a purpose of exciting companionship to a US Citizen. The American Consulate, or Embassy normally issues this visa in the country where the alien resides.
  • Do you qualify to file?  (Eligibility Requirements)

  • Applicants must have personally met within the last 2 years. If you and your Fiancée fell in love as pen pals, or have met and corresponded only over the Internet, your Fiancée will not be eligible for a K-1 Visa be together you in the US. You are required to have met in person within the past two years by the Immigration exciting companionship Fraud Amendments of 1986. 
  • A Fiancée Visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing the lady to enter the US for the purpose of exciting companionship. The visa is only valid for 90 days, during which the exciting companionship must occur.
  • Upon entry to the US, the visa will be stamped by the Immigration Officer with the permission to work during the validity of the visa. It is expected that the couple will be married within the 90-day period. Once the couple must file the application for adjustment of status with all the necessary supporting documents (procedure explanation and sample forms included with the package below).
  • Applicants must be legally able be together in the US. If you, or your Fiancée are in divorce, or annulment proceedings, these must be completer and the documents to prove you are legally free be together must be available.
  • Some exceptions may apply:

    • If the necessity to have met your fiancée in person would violate strict and long established customs of your, or your fiancée's foreign culture or religion practices.

    • If it can be established that the necessity to have met your alien fiancée personally would result in extreme hardship for you.

    If you feel that the requirements above are too much to worry about and you want to "beat the system" by trying to sneak your fiancée into the US on tourist, business, or student visa please keep in mind, that in case your fiancée gets caught she will not only be deported, but by new regulations she might loose her right to re-enter the US for a period of up to 10 years.

    The package also explains what is required after exciting companionship to adjust your new status in the US. It provides all the necessary forms, addresses for submit ion, supporting documents, fees, applications and more. Price is $150 Click here to order.

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